The great advantages of optical fiber per connection

Whether for entertainment, information, work, play and even studies, optical fiber always makes its difference.  Its speed and quality are among the elements most adored by its users. In short, fiber has transformed the experience of the whole world with its service. Here are the best benefits of this technology.

Optical fiber offers good security accompanied by a good signal of use

One of the biggest problems in the digital market is the attack of hackers, which can lead to loss, not only beside money, but also information. Generally, the lack of concern regarding the type of internet can bring this problem. Be aware that optical fiber is a revolution for working with data security, and the only way to make a digital attack is to cut the optical cables themselves. This can happen provided that the criminal is on the premises where said fiber is installed, which is risky. Also, when you have a wired copper connection, you may already notice that the further you move away from the modem transmitting the signal, the more the quality degrades. This occurs as a result of the degradation suffered by the waves of the network. But when you have a fiber optic connection, this type of problem is quickly avoided. The signal transmission can serve a greater range, being able to overcome the barriers imposed by the walls.

Latency is reduced with optical fiber and electromagnetic interference does not occur

The connection that suffers from latency indicates that data packets are having trouble moving from one network to another. This is due to download delays, as they are the most dependent on this transmission. Note that the latency problem hinders the reception of information and progressively harms the consumer’s experience. With fiber optics, the experience is altered when watching a movie or listening to music on a streaming platform. On the other hand, even if hiring your franchise involves high speed and some external factor occurs, the user experience will not be compromised with optical fiber. Lightning, wind and rain have no impact on the quality of its signal. Because the data is transmitted by light and does not depend on the electrical efficiency of copper currents