What are the benefits of video games for children ?

Technology is everywhere and is already part of children’s lives. Children have access to smartphones from an early age and know how to handle them well. It is therefore very important to invest in pedagogical practices in the classroom, such as educational video games, which value this digital world. Discover in this article the benefits that video games can bring to children.

Why use video games in the education of adolescents?

This world is increasingly connected, and children are already more used to smartphones and laptops. You only have to look in homes to see how many parents make these tools available to distract their children while they work. Using this methodology to educate children at home is a way to bring parents closer to little ones and create a modern learning environment. In addition, educational video games are already the subject of study and discussion in the educational environment and have been used by many schools to reinforce the learning process. These games facilitate the teaching of geometric shapes, the alphabet, foreign languages, and also stimulate the cognitive functions of the brain of children. Nursery schools must adapt as quickly as possible to this change in teaching to gain the interest of pupils. Anyone who does not adapt to this context runs the risk of losing children in spaces that have already created an integration between the physical and virtual worlds.

Some advantages of using video games in the education of children

Video games can provide pleasure for teenagers combined with exercises for the body and mind. Many games help improve fine motor coordination because they require the delicate manipulation of pieces and dolls. Others also require a combination of eye and hand movements for the child to perform the activity. The world of technology also encourages children to control characters and perform actions that require logic and reasoning. Therefore, many games help to improve children’s attention and memory and serve as a real stimulus for the development of cognitive functions. Educational video games also stimulate children’s creativity from an early age, with activities to assemble and color on the environments.